As a healthcare professional in the digital age, you will need fresh ideas to engage with your patients online to find new leads and gain conversions. New client acquisition in 2021 done right for the medical industry begins on Google and ends when they speak with a representative from your team.

Blogs are a great way to watch your healthcare practice fly on autopilot and increase your web presence, but you will need blog post ideas that educate users and share valuable information they are looking for. If you’re wondering why healthcare professionals need a blog, a simple answer would be the fact that people are constantly looking for answers to different medical conditions.

Blogging is one of the best ways to draw attention to your services and improve your healthcare website’s SEO ranking on search engines. This will, in turn, bring in more potential clients to your practice website through top-of-the-funnel methods and more effectively jumpstart new client acquisition.

Top Content Ideas for Healthcare Blogs

Here are some medical blog ideas to help you stay on track with content creation when planning your monthly blog editorial calendar.


Whether for healthcare or not, people generally love list blogs since humans are naturally wired to enjoy categorized information. They are more concise and straight-to-the-point than longer blog posts, meaning that people find them a lot easier to read and digest.

While almost everyone likes to read this kind of blog post, more people love lists that rank items in a particular topic from best to worst or vice versa. For instance, you can write a blog post listing major health issues in a specific region or country, such as broken bones or heart disease.

How-to Blogs

Creating healthcare blogs centered on how to address certain health issues is one way to educate patients and build your credibility among competitors. This kind of content is excellent for healthcare marketing since users will search Google for answers to their physical symptoms in 2021 before they call a doctor.

How-to Blogs are a way you can educate your patients on conditions they have and you can also share them on your social media as a part of your content marketing strategy. However, be sure that you are factual and have reliable sources to back up any claims you make to prevent, noting on your website that the blog content is “for general informational purposes only”.


In addition, potential patients may have specific questions about their health conditions that are not easily accessible through a broad blog topic. We recommend you create frequently asked questions blog content that answers a longtail keyword search users may input into a search engine. Think about your current patients and the kinds of questions they have asked you while seeing them, which is an excellent indicator of what your target audience is searching for.

When you personalize your blog content to your user’s needs using the FAQ blog idea, you prove to them that you genuinely care about their health and are dedicated to providing practical solutions. Ideas for content, in this case, can come from their reactions and comments on your social media posts. Based on the feedback of readers, you can curate content that resonates with them even more.


Another excellent blog post idea for your health blog is the testimonials of patients. Testimonials or reviews help boost your healthcare organization’s credibility by reinforcing your competencies in handling health issues.

Remember to ask for people’s permission before sharing their testimonials/reviews. If possible, you could ask them to do a video rather than in a text format and embed them in the blog posts to add more spice to them. However, we do suggest including the script underneath the video so the deaf, hearing impaired, and others can still consume your content.


Also, infographics are great for sharing large volumes of information at a glance. Since people love visuals, you can engage this powerful tool as often as possible to build your blog audience. Thankfully, there are many good, easy-to-use tools online to help you create appealing infographics, or you could hire a graphic designer to take care of it.

Expert Interviews

Expert interviews bring professional opinions and their personal story to your audience based on the specific topic they are looking for. Depending on the person you ask, many experts would be happy to sit with you for an interview over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, or phone call.

You can either transcribe the video or summarize it into an engaging blog post. For instance, an interview with an expert on mental health would generate positive responses from your audience if they were primarily interested in learning more about their bipolar disorder.

Create Seasonal Posts

Some health issues are seasonal, and so are some blog topics. In the same way that Black Friday content is fantastic for e-commerce websites when November rolls around, your practice can target specific health conditions during certain months. For example, your website could have blog posts on allergies during the summer, colds during the fall/winter, etc.

People will be browsing through several health care blogs searching for answers, so it makes sense to be ready with those answers.

Final Thoughts

Fresh, engaging, and new blog ideas are the key to gaining new client acquisitions through your practice’s website. Healthcare blogs, when executed with the user’s health conditions and questions in mind, will generate an entire pool of new patients. Leads from implementing blog ideas designed for 2021 and the digital marketing world will ultimately generate more revenue for your office.

Our company is committed to creating quality blog content for your healthcare practice that drives the sales funnel from beginning to end. We don’t just try to make the sale with our engaging posts: we seek to educate your users in ways that promote leads and conversions. In the long run, investing in a digital marketing strategy for blog content will expand your new client acquisition opportunities.

To answer any questions you have about how blog content can put your healthcare practice on autopilot, call our marketing experts today at (888).858.7776.