Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Types of Information We Collect

We collect contact information from you to connect with you about our services and offerings. We do this by taking information from our form submissions, including when you enter your information to receive a free piece of content. The information we collect in this way does, by its very nature, have information that identifies you.

We also collect information on user behavior on the site, which is anonymous.

Storage of Your Information

Your contact information, if you choose to submit a form, is stored in a secure e-mail service, MailChimp.

Anonymous user data is stored in Google Analytics.

Use of Your Information

We do not sell to or share your information with partner or affiliate sites. Your contact information may be shared within our company.

Removal of Your Information

If you would like us to remove your contact information from our databases, please contact us at and we will take you off our mailing list.

This policy was last revised in December 2016. It will be updated as needed and changes will appear on this page.