The insurance industry market is vast. Competition has never been steeper and it’s never been easier for potential customers to access information on all of their options. Therefore, the best way to remain ahead of the competition and continue to build your customer base is to ensure that your insurance business reaches your target audience the first time, every time.

To do this, you need a top-level digital marketing strategy. There are many ways to structure strategies for marketing for insurance companies but there are three main areas of focus that need the most attention. These are targeted ads, search engine optimization, and customer reviews.

Here’s a brief overview of how basing your insurance marketing ideas and structure around these focus areas can help assure that your insurance agency stays at the top of the insurance industry.


It should come as no surprise that advertisements are an important piece of any marketing strategy. But online advertising space works very differently than plastering a billboard on the side of the road and hoping customers come to you. In digital marketing, it is important to target the right audience by placing your ads in the right space in front of those who are likely to be potential clients.

You can achieve this by taking advantage of social media ads. With this method, you can target individuals who may have already browsed your social media pages or visited your website before but did not follow up. Placing a call to action in front of those who have already shown interest in your product is a much faster way to obtain leads to convert clients.

Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is also an excellent way to make digital advertising work for you. With this strategy, you target specific terms so that your website will return in search results. Each time your link is clicked, you pay a minimal fee. This model ensures that you are only paying for targeted results for those who are interested or looking to purchase insurance, not just anyone surfing the internet.


To ensure that your marketing advertisements are working properly, your SEO strategy needs to be top-tier. Search engine optimization is the practice of crafting your online presence, which includes written text, video and audio components, images, links, and more, to ensure that the language and visuals used return high results on a search engine. When you optimize your content well, your potential customers are more likely to find your website first as opposed to your competitors.


Allowing your past and current clients to advertise for you with positive reviews is one of the best ways to market your brand and obtain new clients. Asking clients to leave a review on your website, Google, or social media pages allows leads to see what you truly offer. Anyone can advertise themselves as being the best, but using recommendations from others ensures that your reputation and credibility are backed and supported by those who use your products.

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