Do You Know Your Paid Marketing Campaigns Can Deliver More Leads?

Our landing page seems like it is not converting

We need to lower our cost per click but still capture leads

We are bidding a high amount per click, but still not getting many clicks

We are getting our ads viewed but no one is clicking on them

We have the right targeting but my ads are not getting views

The cost per lead we currently have has to be lower


Sounds Familiar?

Meet Phoenix Personal Injury Law Firm, Petersen Johnson

They were just like you.

Petersen Johnson’s managing partner, Brad Johnson, knew more clients could be found online. Even in their competitive industry of personal injury, in one of the nations top markets, they knew they could capture more leads but still meet their acquisition goals.

Petersen Johnson knew something had to change, so they called STING. It started with a paid search campaign and SEO strategy, but then progressively changed. Over the course of a year, we worked closely with the law firm to redesign their website, translate and target to Spanish speakers, and design and implement a content marketing plan.

The results were transformational

Decreased their cost per lead by



Increased total leads by over

“We are impressed by the results that STING has delivered. We had previously tried other agencies, but the ROI wasn’t there. Today, with STING it is there.”

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We Want to Get Started with Paid Search

Starting with a detailed discovery process, we will help you navigate the right paid marketing channels, crafting your ads, targeting and landing pages and launching. After launch we routinely optimize your campaigns leveraging our real-time data-driven dashboards, to optimize your ROI.

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We Want to Improve Our Paid Search Results

After a clear understanding of your goals, we will take a 360° view of your current accounts, market, and competitors. After careful analysis, we will develop a customized strategy to reset your campaigns, create any necessary assets, and deliver the results you are looking for.

What is the Difference Between Google Ads or Social Ads and Where Should I Begin?

Each paid marketing channel has unique benefits and challenges and can be leverage in different ways depending on your goals. As your paid search marketing partner, we will help select and adjust when needed, your campaigns so that we are aligned with your goals and using only the right channels at the right time to achieve success.

When to Use
Paid Social Ads

Social ads great for driving awareness and reaching an audience who is not aware or actively searching for your services, or a specific offer you want to focus on.

Often times, they might not even know your solution exists! Social ads are effective at pushing marketing messages to a very specific audience at a cheaper cost than say through Google on average.

Facebook and Instagram give us the widest variety of targeting options out of the different social platforms and allows us to cater our messages to your ideal customers in an engaging way!

When to Use Paid Social Ads

  • When your audience is active on the platform
  • When your audience is not aware of your solution
  • Great at driving brand awareness & interest
  • When we want to provide reminders to new and existing customers that our brand is alive and well
  • When you can leverage warm audiences like a customer email list
  • When we want to create interest around your solution

Does this align with the goals you have? Schedule an appointment with us here to learn more about how Social ads could be the perfect fit for your business!

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When to Use
Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

PPC is effective for pulling in potential clients seeking the specific services and solutions you offer on search engines like Google and Bing.

We use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to drive leads who are closer to making a purchase decision than a user on Facebook who has never heard of your business for example.

We use tools to gage how many people are searching for your solutions in your desired locations, and how competitive the current Google Ad environment is for your specific solutions.

This allows us to cater our strategy even further around the expected competition before we even run the campaign!

When to Use Paid Social Ads

  • When we can directly provide relevant content that the user is searching for
  • When your audience is actively searching for topics related to your solutions
  • When we can directly provide answers to the questions your audience has
  • When awareness of your solutions is already high
  • Capture your audience when they are in the MOST NEED of your services. We call this the first moment of truth

Does this align with the goals you have? Schedule an appointment with us here to learn more about how Social ads could be the perfect fit for your business!

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Social Media Ads


Google Ads

  • higher conversion rates on average
  • capturing audience already searching your solutions
  • qualified leads
  • reach people “in the market” for your service
  • very competitive
  • higher cost per click on average
  • creating interest & driving brand awareness at low cost
  • reach more people for less
  • granular audience targeting options
  • custom lists to reach audiences already familiar with your business
  • lower conversion rates on average
  • less qualified leads

How STING Can Help You with Paid Search Campaigns

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We Are Focused on Driving Data-Driven Results

  • We base our results on the data of our campaigns. This way, we can understand exactly how our campaigns are performing relative to your marketing goals
  • We deliver custom reports that reflect the results of the campaign over a period of time to give you insight & transparency into what is happening and why
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We Work With You as a Partner, not a Customer

  • Effective full-scale marketing does not happen overnight. It takes time to see the results you expect and deserve. We act as your partner to walk you through the process with radical transparency and education
  • Our hands-on in-house approach gives us the ability to learn the ins and outs of your business in order to effectively communicate how fantastic your business is!
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We Give Your Accounts the Detailed Attention they Deserve

  • We’re a small efficient team that cares about each and every client we have.
  • We do not believe in the “turn and churn” approach we have seen so many others take. Our team of experienced professionals not only analyzes the crucial data regularly, but we are able to make effective decisions as a result.

What You Can Expect from Sting

Paid marketing campaigns can help you deliver powerful messages to your target audience through a full-funnel approach. Our campaign strategy and design can help you quickly acquire more leads, more clients, and more business. Our services include the following:

What our Google Ads Management Includes:

  • Persona development
  • Ad copy analysis
  • Keyword research & optimization
  • Conversion tracking (Forms, calls, chats)
  • Landing page development & optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Bid & position monitoring
  • Remarketing
  • Bid optimizations
  • Competitor monitoring and analysis
  • Monthly reporting

What our Social Ads Management Includes:

  • Facebook/Instagram networks
  • Granular audience targeting & persona development
  • Audience development
  • Ad copy/Ad creative optimization
  • Customized ad graphics
  • Landing page development & optimization
  • Audience testing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Funnel management
  • Remarketing & custom audience lists
  • Monthly reporting

Why Should You Select Sting as your
growth partner?

We have worked with dozens of companies just like you

Our best work comes when we work with committed entrepreneurial businesses that are wanting to accelerate growth. Many times they have a small marketing team and aggressive lead generation goals.

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We are data driven and continually improving

We do not have templated services but create individualized plans and react to them based of data, not emotion. Each member of our team works to further their knowledge in the industry and market.

We treat your business like ours

Our founder’s history goes back to 1997, where he created his first internet company. Six companies later, his entrepreneurialism is reflected in the dedicated strategies created for your success. Learn more about our Mission Vision and Values


Are you Ready to Sting

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