If your business is not advertising online with an effective Paid Marketing Campaign, you will miss out on the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business and client base.

You may have already placed your financial advising business in the hands of a second-rate marketing company that produces few returns for high-bid words. Also, it is possible you are taking on your ad campaign by yourself without digital marketing expertise and have been dissatisfied by a lack of leads.

Did you know that according to Google, mobile searches for “financial advisor” have grown 75% over the last two years? Each of these searches is a potential client that you miss out on if you do not have a sound Pay Per Click plan that drives revenue.

Through a well-planned PPC campaign, you can drive traffic to your website and boost your financial planning business before you know it. Let us explain how it works and how PPC can deliver results for your company’s online marketing.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is a digital marketing tool where you create an advertisement and place it somewhere online with high visibility. These locations can be search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and platforms like social media and YouTube. PPC is similar to SEO in that understanding user intent is key to reaching your target audience.

PPC ads are very different from physical advertisements, where you purchase a billboard upfront or rent ad space and then hope you gain interest from passersby. You only have to pay for PPC services when users click on them. Therefore, Google charges you for guaranteed interest when you pay cost per clicks.

Types of PPC Ads:

To ensure your advertisements receive click results and user interest, you can target them with active strategies. The best way is to advertise researched specific keywords so when a potential client searches that word or phrase, the advertisement appears high in their search results. They can then find information about your financial services directly from your website.

There are various types of advertisements you can target to raise brand awareness:


Branded advertisements are explicitly directed toward customers looking for your brand name. Creating ads that contain branded keywords will ensure that a person searching for your name will find you. Unless your brand name is vague and standard, your company’s website will appear in search results when someone specifically searches for it almost 100% of the time.


We recommend local advertisements for financial advising businesses, especially if your company operates in a specific state or region. If your financial business mainly focuses on state-specific regulations, you should focus your PPC efforts on local advertisements. In this case, you can target key phrases such as “Financial Advisors in Phoenix” to have confidence that local residents will find your digital marketing campaign.


Topical advertisements are essential and often underutilized in the financial business world. These ads focus on posting content that targets a problem or offers a solution in your business realm. For instance, running a PPC campaign targeting the “retirement income planning” will locate potential clients who do not understand they need a financial advisor’s assistance.

How to Get Started:

When getting started with PPC, it is wise first to focus your advertisement attention on three areas:


Researching to find what keywords will gain you the most traffic can make or break your PPC campaign. Google Adwords is a service that can teach and explain the algorithms and science behind search terms and can help you select the exact keywords you should be using for maximum results.

Ad Copy

The language you use in your advertisements matters. Simply advertising your business does not answer questions or pique interest. Your ads must explain how you can solve a problem and contain a specific call to action for those who read your ad.

Landing Page

It does not seem directly related to advertising online, but the user experience when someone reaches your landing page is the ultimate decider of whether or not you will gain their business. You need to make sure that when an interested party lands on your website, they can find out quickly who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and how they can reach you. If your website is bulky, confusing, or out of date, you will lose them to the next ad.

We Deliver Data-Driven PPC Campaign Results

Whether a second-rate marketing company disappointed you with few returns or you did not find the success you wanted on your own, our company can help you.

We produce data-driven results that you can track so your financial business’s growth is never in question. Our team will walk you through your personalized PPC campaign and review patterns and trends to better optimize your digital marketing strategy.
If you are ready to put your financial advising company on autopilot with Sting-run PPC, call today to speak with a growth strategist at 888-858-7776.