Your ad copy is killer. You have researched your keywords with detail. You have toyed with your settings to get everything exactly as you want it.

All that is left is for the phone to ring.

How much effort and time have you invested in making sure your process is queued up for gaining the maximum number of calls? Have you tested and re-tweaked? These five tips will help you know you are not throwing away a single dollar on your PPC program.

PPC Tip #1 – Score! What’s YOUR Quality Score?

Keywords are king. When you are consistently using keywords that relate back to your website content, your PPC performance improves. No brainer. Quality Score has a watchful eye of your keyword quality, your ad copy relevance, your landing page, and your historical performance too. When your score is high, you spend less, and more visitors reach you because search engines reward your site when these things are done well.

PPC Tip #2 – Clean Out Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can undo some of the good traffic you are seeking. Use search query data to be sure you are aiming at the right keywords to reach the people you are seeking. Broad match keywords can trigger unrelated queries and put a drag on your Click Through Rate (CTR). To remedy this, add unrelated searches as negative keywords to be certain you are wasting money on traffic that will never convert for your uses. This same data may also supply you with more information about successful keywords not currently on your radar.

PPC Tip #3 – Add some Spark to Your Ad Copy

If your ad copy is dull, boring, or does not have strong, powerful calls to action, you can spruce up your effectiveness with some new ad copy. The key here is test, test, test. Begin A/B testing so that you can know which copy is converting the best. Avoid becoming complacent and keep what is working and tweak what is not. Also, with more users on mobile, make sure your copy marries mobile device usage. Your CTR could go through the roof with the right copy for the right device. Again, Test, Test, Test.

PPC Tip #4 – What is Your Ad Schedule and Is It Working for You?

When is your audience online? Are they online all the time? In the middle of the night? Schools of thought vary on this topic. Some believe you must be ON all the time. Others argue that you can target when your searches are happening. Data never lies. Analyze your reporting and learn when your audience is most likely to call. and schedule your ads outside of dead air times or decrease bids during those slow periods.

PPC Tip #5 – Are You Using Remarketing? It’s Time to Begin If Not

If you missed users the first time around, remarketing is another way to reel your audience in and broaden your brand awareness. Within Google, you can use remarketing lists to enhance PPC performance and diminish traffic that has nothing to do with your brand. Some strategies for using these lists include increasing search bids for former buyers. Another is to target people who have added items to shopping carts but have not converted to buyers. These lists are powerful tools that can help you increase phone calls and save money on your ad spend.

PPC Tip #6 – Structure your ad campaigns like your website

Many companies who begin using paid advertising can tend to overspend a limited budget by going after too many campaigns without enough focus. Do not be intimidated by a limited budget, with a narrow and focused scope you can still get effective traffic. A great way to structure the topics of your campaigns is to have them follow the integrity of your website. This will enable you to utilize what you’ve already built and direct those that click effectively.

Everyone wants their calls to increase with relevant buyers who want what you are offering. The activities that affect your calls are infinite and working with experienced digital marketers with lead conversion expertise in the PPC space are worth their weight in gold when you trust them, and, ultimately see the results you seek. Take some time to get comfortable with our reporting and scan your program to learn if you are already employing these strategies or if opportunities remain to improve your calls from your paid search program. Your paid search vendor is your partner in making sure the many variables are maximized for the results you are looking for: More Calls; More Conversions; More Happy Customers. Our firm can audit whatever your program is now and offer insight into improving these metrics and your conversions today. Schedule an appointment to learn more today. It’s Free.