The healthcare industry has a long record of adopting the latest modern technologies to improve medical procedures and patient care outcomes. Healthcare companies’ constant technology innovation allows faster, safer, more affordable, and more precise procedures and processes. The healthcare field is, therefore, on the leading edge of adopting technological advances.

But there is one realm of technology where healthcare organizations are behind the masses when using technology as a benefit. That realm is digital marketing and using social media in healthcare. Only recently, doctors and other healthcare professionals have begun to see the benefits and take advantage of social networks for marketing and increasing communication with patients.

Implementing this new tool into your healthcare marketing strategy can benefit your business and your patients alike. It is one of our top agency tips for increasing your web presence. But how does it work? Below we have outlined some information about how to use Social Media Marketing for healthcare professionals.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the strategy of using social media channels to market your business, raise awareness for your services, and connect with your target audience. The healthcare industry does not typically use marketing the same way that companies that sell physical products advertise. Healthcare Social Media Marketing is a way to connect with clients and share educational health information.

Top Social Media Platforms

In the 21st century, there are increasing social media platforms available for healthcare Social Media Marketing. But not all platforms are equal. You should determine the platforms you use by the type of information you intend to share and the interactions you wish to have.

For example, Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing extensive information or links to website content. Instagram is useful for posting infographics and posts you wish for clients to save and share. Twitter is great for fast client interactions.

First and foremost, your marketing plan should include the optimization and regular updates of your business website. Your website should be a hub of accurate information and a way to keep clients up to date.

Ways to Use Social Media

A smart social media strategy will use various media types, such as text, photos, graphics, and links, to implement a carefully planned strategy for business. These digital tactics should also include multiple avenues of content. Health care professionals do not merely use Social Media Marketing as a page for your business name, but you should employ it in various ways.


Using social media platforms to educate your clients and followers is an excellent use of your online space. You can share information specific to your practice, such as the types of procedures and care you offer, your office and services changes, or practical information about office hours and closures.

You can also use Social Media Marketing to advise the public on healthcare. When you inform patients about their specific conditions, you equip them with knowledge on how to notice and share symptoms. This will, in turn, help your diagnosis and care procedures flow more smoothly.


Taking advantage of social media to motivate your clients to maintain appropriate care will ultimately keep you in business and make your job easier. You should post reminders and information about your business to keep your patients motivated to schedule visits on time and recommend your medical practice to friends and family.

Ensuring that your healthcare facility stays front and center on their newsfeeds helps patients to stay excited about seeking treatment and keeping themselves healthy.


When you communicate with patients in real-time, your practice makes excellent use of social media platforms. Posting engaging organic content that asks followers to comment, reply, and share information increases your engagement and the opportunity to stay in communication with your clients.

You can also use your social media as a direct way for clients to reach out. This communication gives you the ability to answer questions and also direct clients to the information they need without them having to call or schedule a visit. Quick contact helps you build a reputation as a reliable and available healthcare provider that clients can count on.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

As a healthcare provider, you may know that using social media to educate, motivate, and engage clients is the best way to provide the best care, but you may not know how to implement it. You spent time and investments to learn how to care for a patient’s health, not to learn marketing strategies. So how do you juggle all of it? By hiring a marketing agency.

Marketing specialists keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of social media so you don’t have to. At Sting Marketing, our experienced team has expert knowledge on healthcare to know how to best optimize social media for you and other doctors. When you team with Sting, we will develop a strategy that puts your business on autopilot. This includes deciding on social media platforms, how many times to post per week, how to respond to competitor data, etc.

We create a personalized Facebook/Instagram/Twitter experience for your customers based on your specific business. The goal of our social media, as with any digital marketing channel, is to generate leads, conversions, and revenue. If you are ready to begin a conversation about how Social Media Marketing can help you as a health care professional, call to Speak with a Growth Strategist at 888-858-7776 today.