As a lawyer, you know first-hand that marketing your law firm is a challenge far more challenging than selling a physical product. You are coming to individuals to assist them at a time in their life that is often very difficult, whether it is divorce, estate planning, or civil litigation. Similarly, there is a greater need for precision when defining your legal services, especially as it relates to your law firm website and specified practice areas.

We have been helping law firms boost their visibility to potential clients for many years. During this time, we have helped countless attorneys navigate the often confusing world of digital marketing from building landing pages to refining their Facebook page.

As such, we have developed a keep eye for the needs of lawyers. We have used that knowledge to guide our attorney clients through advertising on Facebook to help them get the most out of their online presence.

Where do we see the most value when doing Facebook ads for law firms? Keep reading to find out.

Hitting a Smaller Target

Law is a field with many subcategories. In each one, there is a great deal of education and dedication that goes into learning all the specifics of that area of practice.

As such, it’s not simply enough to try and make an ad that targets someone looking for a civil law or family law practice. Instead, you want to target the customer that is looking for your exact area of expertise— whether its insurance disputes, civil rights, employment law, divorce, or even personal injury.

This is where Facebook shines, allowing you to narrow your audience down to a very specific niche. These individuals can be filtered out by age, location, and interests.

Running an ad that is narrowly targeted will boost your chances of interaction from prospective clients. Depending on the goal of your campaign, this could include phone calls, site visits, or reading your blog. In any of these cases, it brings that individual one step closer to working with your firm.

Facebook is Immediate

Facebook is, first and foremost, a social media network. This sets a very specific audience expectation for those who use the app. Largely, this expectation is an update culture: a post from a friend, current events, and community message boards.

That moment-to-moment focus of sites like Facebook provides your firm with powerful leverage to provide information that is relevant to the audience you want to target.

One of the best ways to find material that will resonate is by browsing on the internet yourself. By stepping into their shoes and looking at the types of articles and pages your audience will most likely find useful, you can share and curate information that is relevant to their experience.

This not only sparks interest, but trust. It makes your ad content, and your page, a wealth of information for prospective clients.

Ongoing Flexibility

The flexibility of Facebook advertising is related to its culture of immediate, niche-orientated, information. This not only keeps your content relevant, it serves as an added safety measure against unnecessary costs found in print of TV ads.

Here’s how this works in practice.

When you craft an ad for TV, you will have a set number of runtimes of the same material. While it gets the word out to a large audience, it’s not targeted very well. Furthermore, once the ad is submitted, it cannot be changed.

This leaves you in a perilous position. If the ad is not converting to phone calls and clients, there is no way for you to change it, stop it, or spend less money on the campaign.

Facebook fixes this problem through a highly flexible ad system.

Through the Facebook ads manager, you have the power to change what your campaign looks like, its target audience, and how much funding it receives. This means that you can tweak your campaign over time to reach more of the right people and, ultimately, have greater success.

This ends up saving money over the long run as you will never be locked into an audience, a time, or copy that just isn’t converting into real-time clients.

Multimedia Ads Capture Attention

It’s no secret that attention spans are shrinking and many individuals would rather watch a short clip than read a short article. With Facebook ads, you can use this to your advantage by promoting videos on your website.

While the main purpose of sharing this kind of material is to get users to your page and boost traffic to your site, these videos don’t have to be outwardly promotional. Instead, think about what will resonate with your target audience and create the content that is most important to them. This could be a range of topics from how-tos to explainer videos on a certain part of the legal process.

Hiring the Experts

Law is strenuous.If you are in the business of practicing law, it’s unlikely you can be an all-in-one marketing team for your firm, too.

This is where Sting can help.

Whether you need your website optimized for search engines or you need help running more successful ad campaigns, Sting brings our clients a team of integrated in-house professionals from all areas of the marketing world ranging from web design, content marketing, SEO, and social media outreach.

Are you ready to speak with a growth specialist for your firm? Call us at 888-858-7776 to see what we can offer.