Having a blog for your law firm website is just something you do. In fact, there’s a very good reason for having a blog but what happens when you don’t know what to talk about? Constantly coming up with creative and engaging things to post about can be exhausting! Especially when it is recommended to be posting at least twice a week.

Many times this task is simply too time consuming and so your blog posts might dwindle to once a month and then slowly fade out to never again. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. We know that you are very busy being a lawyer but draw some creative ideas from your everyday tasks and you’d be surprised about the amount of content you can produce.

For instance, you are probably answering questions from your clients everyday, do any of your answers seem applicable or useful to your audience? What about that new statue that was passed or that huge news story about the lawyer from California? The opportunities to engage, relate, and inform your blog readers from everyday experiences are countless, so use them!

Still we understand that even sometimes you’ve just hit a creative wall and need help getting over it. The following is a list of topic ideas for your law firm blog:

  1. Compare and contrast relevant things…i.e. mediation vs. trial, debt attorney vs. debt company.
  2. [Insert pertinent subject here] 101. For example, Divorce Fees 101, Hiring a Lawyer 101, Bail 101, Legal Jargon 101, etc. The options for this, no matter what you practice, are endless.
  3. Write about weird or applicable laws/stories in the news. These kinds of posts are typically more popular resulting in more traffic.
  4. Lists (like this one) are always a good idea! Create a reading list for things like living with a personal injury or a list of free online resources you love.
  5. Finally, case studies. Sharing a case and its results (per bar rules), can be a great way for people to gain a better insight into who you are and what you do.

This might sound like a no brainer (no pun intended…wait for it) but if you are still searching for topics to write brainstorming (there it is) never hurts! In fact, brainstorming usually helps. Chances are you have a bright team full of ideas on what to write about.

The final tip we’ll leave you with is to not try to come up with your post topic last minute. We recommend creating a master list of topic ideas. Doing so, whether it’s a list of 10 or 50, is always going to save you time and effort when it’s time to sit down and publish that post. The truth is blog writing is always going to be a time consuming task but we also know that it is extremely worth it, the results show us that!