Most professional lawyers are experts in their field of law and have no barriers in terms of knowledge or experience. Whether in the courtroom or at their firm office, these are more-than-capable law professionals that have an excellent understanding on legal matters. However, trouble begins for most successful attorneys when it comes to digital marketing and utilizing their website space to connect with new clients.

Web design for law firms has never been more important for generating leads and conversions in a multi-disciplinary marketing strategy. In addition to data-driven SEO optimization, relevant blog content creation, and far-encompassing social media platforms, web design is an incredible asset to online marketing. A lawyer’s website is often the way clients are introduced to their brand. It is a powerful first-impression piece that makes or breaks new client accumulation.

To stay at the forefront of an effective legal marketing strategy, we are revealing the best web design trends for law firms that enhance your brand rather than take away from it. These pertain directly to the two primary goals of website design: to improve website functionality and to impress with aesthetics.

User-Experience Tips for Law Firm Websites

Website functionality is all about user-experience, or how potential clients will interact with your domain. It is about ensuring your clients understand how to click through every menu item and content page on your website, building your online presence. With the help of functional web design trends for law firms, you can stand above your competitors and establish a site that generates new leads and conversions.

Effective Mobile Design Layout

It is no surprise that a majority of people use smartphones everyday and prefer them for the Internet over laptops and desktops. This causes an effective mobile design layout to be crucial. While potential clients search for an expert lawyer while going about their day, you can orient your website to match their method. Any law firm web design that wants to be at the cutting-edge of legal digital marketing, they must cater to Apple, Samsung, and other mobile devices.

Long scrolls, for example, destroy the user-experience by bogging them down with an endless page of crowded information that is unlikely to persuade them. They give potential clients reason to forget your brand while turning to a lawyer with an effective law firm website design. In addition, page load times must be prioritized when considering website functionality. These are killed by a complex, maximum-resolution design layout.

Straightforward Navigation

Mobile and desktop website navigation must be straightforward and easy to understand when users first experience your site. Web design trends have set general navigation elements that your client will anticipate, regardless of the website they visit. A functional law firm website meets these expectations by allowing for digital navigation that makes sense to potential clients.
While modern web design aesthetics always attempt to break the mold, straightforwardness and clarity cannot be sacrificed in the process. Similarly, place service information, professional experience, content marketing posts, and consultation forms in locations that users are familiar with. Make sure to simplify navigational tools such as menus and dropdowns and make your calls to action obvious. Potential clients do not need to be taught how to access your website in addition to learning about your brand.

Law Firm Aesthetic Website Layout Trends

Following the second goal of website design, impressing with aesthetics, catching the eye of viewers is a key component to turning them from traffic into lead generations. Law firms with outdated websites from twenty-years ago will be left behind in the wake of new design trends. The aesthetic layout for your legal profession and services is just as vital to the life of your custom website as the content you post, proving the power of first impressions.

Minimalism Design

The reduction of information and images accompanied by the abundance of negative space creates a digital environment that is easy for users to navigate. While demonstrating to potential clients that your firm exists in the present due to the modern aesthetic, you quickly gain their trust. Minimalism design for professional law firms specializes in simplifying website navigation and presenting practice information in an approachable manner.

Modular Design

In addition, modular design has become a popular web design technique utilized by law firms to push for straightforward navigation on their home pages. “Boxes” differentiated by shading and geometrical rectangles help the logical flow of information by separating each topic into its own space. Rather than be intimidated by paragraph blocks, they can digest your content easier and have the opportunity to skim it. If they only have time to scan your page, they can still retain key elements of your brand with modular design.

Dynamic Scrolling

The final trending web design layout for law firms is dynamic scrolling, a technique that adds movement and energy to your website. Unlike a vast majority of static attorney pages, this aesthetic encourages the appearance of graphics and images and changing backgrounds in contrast to still objects. Both forms of dynamic scrolling add a unique flare to your law firm website that makes you stand apart from the rest of your competition, immediately catching the eyes of potential clients.

Legal Digital Marketing that Creates Conversions

At Sting Marketing, we stay on track with current web design trends for law firms that promote both website functionality and impress with aesthetics. We specialize in creating websites that are built to attract and capture more qualified leads in addition to our SEO search engine ranking services for legal practice areas. Our marketing agency has put lawyer and attorney business growth on autopilot since 1997.

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