Looks matter. Especially for your website.

Allow me to explain why is good web design important.

When you type a search into Google, a small number on the top of your search gives you an interesting look into the internet world. This number shows you how many web results Google pulls for you, from all over the internet, in just fractions of a second. These numbers are in the millions, if not billions, depending on what terms you are searching.

Needless to say, there is plenty of competition out there when trying to make your website stand out from millions of others.

The thing is, most business owners think their website design doesn’t matter– that as long as they have a website, that will be enough to keep their business promoted and visible to potential customers.

This is simply not the case. Below are the top 4 reasons why is good web design important.

1. A Good Website Helps Your SEO

There are a few different types of SEO on your website. While some of these have to do with keywords, others have to do with making your site easy for search engines to recognize.

You want to make sure your website is set up so that search engine crawlers (also known as “spiders”) can easily find, access, and index your site. The better your site is set up, the easier this process becomes. As such, search engines reward you with top ranking content and site pages– ultimately helping boost your organic traffic and attract more clients. That’s the importance of web design for SEO.

2. It Builds Credibility

75% of users will make a judgement on your own credibility based on the look of your site. This is not some number taken from the air, its research conducted out of Stanford University.

Through the results of this study, researchers compiled a list of 10 best practices to boost the credibility of your site. In some respect of another, almost all the items on that list can be traced back to good web design. This includes error free content, maintaining a professional appearance, and having information that is relevant and easy to access.

Without a good designer on your team, some, or all, of these points can be missed. The more misses your site has, the less likely your leads will become clients.

3. It Builds Your Brand

Whether you are selling a product, service, or subscription, maintaining the same appearance across your website will help build your brand. The consistent visual image and tone of voice throughout your website will give potential clients a peek into your world, who your company is, and whether or not they enjoy the experience.

The more they enjoy their stay in your corner of the internet, the more likely they are to convert.

4. It Makes Using Your Site Easier

Part of the web design process is making sure your site works on a variety of platforms, especially mobile.

When opting for the DIY route, many business owners don’t have the experience to know how to make their site run better. While the more tech savvy among us might be able to get the site to look ok, there are countless back-end issues that could result in a slow or irresponsible site.

As the attention span of the average individual decreases and we expect an ever-higher bar of service, having a site filled with error messages, never loads, and looks terrible on a smartphone will lose you business.

Where Web Design and Powerful SEO Collide

Sting has an integrated team of professionals all working together to bring their best work to the table. This means we not only provide data-driven SEO to get your business results, but we can put it all in pretty packaging with our in-house designers.

If you want to know more about our process, and why web design matters, we are just a message away.

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