The game on Facebook is a tough one to win. Every business and every individual wants to be heard, and most of them are on Facebook trying to be seen in a sea of competing for content. In addition, Facebook has a secret algorithm, only known by employees. This algorithm is constantly changing and tries its best to provide users with the best experience possible. How do you stand out in an environment like this?

There are many ways to get your content noticed on Facebook, no matter what your end goal may be. Here are some of the best ways to beat the Facebook algorithm.

Post Often

One of the easiest ways to get noticed on Facebook is to post fresh content on a regular basis. Many brands forget to spend time creating new posts and are surprised when their handful of posts per week fails to garner much attention. While there is no perfect number of posts to share, it is a good idea to put at least 3 or 4 pieces of content on your Facebook page every day. The more you share, the more engagement you are likely to see from your audience and the more relevant you will be.

Remind people of your Facebook page

Posting to Facebook is very important, but the trouble is that many posts can go unseen. Most users have hundreds, if not thousands of friends, and dozens are posting all day long. When your post comes up, it can be buried by the newest ones in a flash and can be reordered according to the Facebook algorithm. This is why it is good practice to occasionally make a post that reminds people to check your Facebook page to redirect your audience to your page, for all the latest news and information. This will remind them to go to your page, where they will see everything you have posted, and nothing else.

Use the newest tools

Facebook is regularly adding new features and updating old ones. Be on the lookout for this. See if any new tabs or buttons have appeared in the admin section of your Facebook page. See if any new features have popped up on your own newsfeed. In recent years, Facebook has added features like Facebook live and Facebook videos. These allow you to share visual content much easier than before, including live feeds. Seeing as these are newer features, Facebook’s algorithm is much more likely to promote this kind of content in everyone’s newsfeed in hopes of making them catch on.

Create engaging content

This tip may seem obvious, but it is very important to create engaging content. Many brands and individuals only use Facebook to tell people about their product or service. It is much better to also engage your audience with questions, make comments, and generally connect with the people. Remember, Facebook is about relationships more than it is about salesmanship. Just as in life, if people feel that you are just trying to sell them something, they will tune out quickly.

Post Visuals

Statistics have shown that Facebook users take to visual content much more than text. Ever since the website integrated the ability to share visual content such as pictures and videos, infographics and graphs, the popularity of text has dropped. There are many ways to take advantage of this. Posting images you find online, sharing your own visual designs and photos, even posting Facebook stickers (which appear as an option when writing a new post) can be great ways to add visual appeal to your content.

Study Facebook Insights

Facebook may have a tough algorithm to beat, but they offer a great tool to try and do it. With Facebook Insights, you can see how people are engaging with your content, when they are viewing it, how they are viewing it (computer of mobile), and many more pieces of data. Study this information as best you can until you can see the trends. Maybe a certain type of post does better than others? Maybe sharing at a certain time of day is best? Learn your audience’s habits and act accordingly.

Pay for ads

Although it’s not ideal, especially for small businesses and individuals, nothing gets you noticed quicker than buying ad space on Facebook. The website wants to make money, and this is a major way they do it. If you write a well-crafted ad that is engaging and interesting, you can get a lot of clicks and follows, which could be worth it in the long run. For those starting out, this is a good way to hit the ground running.

While all of these tips will help you beat the Facebook algorithm, one fact stands above the rest: you must engage with your audience. Whatever you can do to get the conversation going, do it. Make your followers feel comfortable speaking up and sharing with you and the community you have built. Always remember to reply to questions and add commentary where you can. The more you connect with your audience, the more they will care about you and what you have to offer.