To be successful, companies need to develop a consistent customer base. This is especially true for technology companies. The majority of tech companies are primarily dependent on recurring revenue, which means that gaining new customers is just as paramount as customer-retention. Here are marketing ideas for your tech company that are sure to help increase your customer-base.

As a tech company, one of the most effective tools at your disposal are referrals. With a referral program, you can essentially skip the part where you pay firms or different media to broadcast your content. Instead, transform your customers into your marketers. This is especially beneficial since word of mouth referrals are the most meaningful to potential customers. By giving your customer and potential customers an incentive, you will also give them a positive view of your company.

2.Make your marketing personal
Regardless of the type of marketing, it is important that you personalize your content. Complete thorough research so that you can speak to your customer’s experiences and needs. No customer is the same.

3. Create an ideal customer
A great marketing strategy is to dream up and articulate your ideal customer. This customer, known as a user persona, will allow you to focus your marketing campaigns with the ideal customer in mind.

4. Focus on what distinguishes you from the competition
To distinguish yourself from your competition, you must be familiar with your competition. Marketing is all about differentiating and showing what makes you different or better. As you strategize, remember to focus on those specific traits or products that make you competitive.

5. Create engaging landing pages
When designing an effective website, it is important to remember that not all customers will land on your home page. In fact, the vast majority of your website visitors will actually arrive on other pages. This means you should think of every page as a landing page, meaning that every page is important and should appeal to a potential customer.

6. Email marketing
Email marketing remains one of the primary ways to inform existing customers and engage with prospective customers. For both purposes, it is important to develop a solid contact list. With emails to prospective customers, your content must be timely, engaging, brief, and helpful or beneficial to them. This will allow you to peak their interest without overwhelming them with too much content.

7. Social media marketing
Social media is a great tool that you should use to engage and interact with potential customers. Instead using social media to push your product or services, you should use your platform to build connections. Ideally, users will want to share content that they find on your social media.

8. Online Advertising
When using analytics and data, you can target your online advertisements to your ideal client. With advertising, reaching the right audience is half the battle. Whether it be through Facebook or Google, online advertisements can generate interest and lead the right people to you.

9. Content Marketing
Content marketing is an excellent way to lead customers to you and your product. By discussing common problems that your ideal users have and showing your solution to that problem, you can make a good first impression on the client and facilitate the start of the conversation. Maintaining a continuous flow of relevant blog posts also helps search engines find your website.

10. Make your content unique
Simply having content will not inherently improve your standing or draw your customer’s attention. Your content must stand out to be competitive.

11. Centralize content
Each user should simultaneously have the freedom to choose the content they need while participating in your strategic plan. Content should always be personalized and simultaneously point to your brand.

12. Video Marketing
A trend that has become increasingly popular over the last several years is video marketing. Whether it be a testimonial, a demonstration of one of your products, a “behind-the-scenes look,” or something else entirely, videos can captivate your audience more than text.

13. White paper
It is important that you also have credible, well-thought out pieces of content called white papers. These detailed, technical reports should thoroughly explain what distinguishes you and your product from the competition. Established names and companies in the tech field will want to see white papers before they take you seriously.

14. Events
Hosting your own event or participating in a trade show gives your company a platform to show its worth. No matter what type of event you participate in, remember that your prospective customers will want to see something unique and potentially productive.

15. Look at forums
It is important that you know what your current and potential customers think about your products and services. When you find a consistent issue that your customers have, you should design a solution, and provide that to the thought leadership who posted the complaint. As Neil Patel says, “It’s a great way to provide value and get promotion from that value.”

16. Influencer marketing
In every industry, there are people who establish themselves as inherently knowledgeable and up-to-date, and the same is true with the tech field. A great way to establish your company and product credibility is by developing relationships with industry influencers. Having a reputable person promote your product to others, who believe what they say, is a great way to market.

In addition to these recommendations of things you should do, we also want to provide insight about what not to do.

17. Don’t forget your existing customers
As a company that is likely dependent on recurring revenue, this is one of the worst moves you could make. Maintaining consistent but not overbearing contact with your existing customers ensures that all sides remain engaged and satisfied. Generally, emails and newsletters are two of the best media forms for this communication.

18. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket
Whatever method you choose, it is essential that you pick more than one. Some companies get stuck by using only one type of advertising, which restricts their reach and growth potential.

19. Don’t forget your sales team
Regardless of what your advertising strategies are, it is paramount that your sales team stays in the loop. An uninformed sales team will make your company seem unprofessional and deter potential customers.

20. Don’t try to do it all yourself
Being the mastermind behind your marketing strategy, implementing the campaign AND running your business effectively is simply too much. That’s what we’re here for.

At Sting, we offer comprehensive, proven marketing. We are a digital marketing agency that implements a variety of personalized strategies to get your company the interest and conversions you desire. If you are a tech company interested in new marketing strategies and are not sure where to begin, contact us today!