Our Bee Team = Your Next A-Team

Using proven methodologies and qualitative and quantitative research, our clients regularly capture more awareness, views, clicks, calls, chats and qualified leads. Each of our digital marketing services are aligned with a central core focus - To systematically grow your traffic and increase your conversion rates.

Our services are delivered through strategically aligning User-Focused Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Content Marketing throughout all of our digital marketing.

The buzz you hear is your bee team. Digital marketing is a team effort at Sting. We assemble your A-Team, from across each of our divisions from our pool of experts to develop a winning marketing strategy custom-tailored to your growth goals. It is our belief that having A+ talent is the key to creating A+ success. Our employee-focused culture ensures that the digital marketing plan is continuously measured and managed by engaged managers whom have a real stake in your success. 


Website Design

Our belief is that websites should be dynamic and adaptive, just like your individual business. Not only does technology change, but so does the way your website visitors interact. Your website is the core for everything we do, and we make certain that it remains relevant from the outside perspective while making updates on your behalf that reflect the internal business changes.


Search Engine Optimization

Being at the right place at the right time isn’t just luck. With a 360° view of your business, we develop a targeted list of keywords to pursue, with the goals to show up in Google Maps, the organic listings, or Bing. Then a multi-pronged SEO plan is developed to ensure you are in the right place at the exact time they are searching by pulling together our content, development, design and SEO marketing teams.


Content Marketing

Through carefully researched content development, your traffic and conversions can be impacted. While the search engines love content, writing and publishing alone doesn’t relate to traffic. However, when designed as part of an overall SEO, distribution and content marketing plan, these words can turn into wealth. Our categorical experts write and edit content on your behalf, and with your approval.


Paid Search Marketing

There are only a few ways to get quick traffic (other than from a quality email list) and that is from paid traffic channels like Pay Per Click in Google or Bing, or purchasing advertising on Facebook. To optimize your return on investment from these channels, careful planning and oversight is needed. From selecting the right keywords, creating clickable ads, setting bids, creating landing pages and monitoring each click your time can be quickly absorbed. Your multi-departmental Sting team collaborates to make certain your ROI is achieved through careful planning, execution and analysis.


Conversion Optimization

Branding aside, the most important aspect to your digital marketing is to get the attention and convert your visitor. To do this you need to track everything - see how your visitors are getting to you, interacting with your website or landing page, make changes to your content, graphics, forms, or layout and compare to ensure you are improving.



If you do not measure it, you can’t improve it. We take data very seriously in everything we do from the initial research, reviewing historical information to evaluating your competitors. Then we make certain that we are tracking the right data and create actions from it, from tracking events on the website to traffic patterns and ultimately calls, website chats and leads.

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