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The health and wellness market has incurred rapid acceleration, which means there are more people than ever looking for your services. The same is true of competitors entering the market. To find and retain patients for you or your wellness facility, you must employ regular and consistent marketing that stays in front of your target audience. Alternative discount marketing, like Groupon can quickly fill your schedule, but also dramatically reduces any profit. Feast or famine as many med spa’s have referred to it. At Sting, we examine these outside forces to find quality marketing channels and adjust quickly which has enabled our wellness clinics to have consistent customer growth.

We do not have cookie-cutter solutions for each client type. It is only through getting to understand your unique business, and through the analysis and l of data can we design and implementation of a consistent marketing plan that aligns with our clients return on investment (ROI) goals.

Our diverse team then executes your unique marketing and conversion optimization plan that allows your wellness practice to grow consistently and expand or pivot when needed.


Long-Term Asset Building

We are in it with you for the long haul. Through partnering with your wellness or med spa business on aligned goals, it allows us work with you developing a long-term client generation machine. This is accomplished by increasing your authority and reputation through techniques involving the skills of our vast teams, leveraging services such as: search engine optimization (SEO), architecting and designing your professional website, reputation and review management, social media marketing or consistent content creation through blogging or PR. This long-term strategy, helps wellness clinics and med spa’s gain access to regular quality traffic and higher conversions.


Organic Traffic Generation

The med spa and wellness marker are highly competitive. So getting quality organic traffic to your website, requires a content marketing plan and ongoing optimization. Like organic food, organic traffic is known to be better quality and with care, it can give you fruit for years. Your wellness clinic can access this type of organic traffic from leveraging Search Engine Optimization, localized SEO for Google Maps, or through growing your organic reach on social media marketing channels.


Paid Traffic Optimization

Leveraging the vast reach of Google’s Adwords, Bing’s Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid Facebook marketing, can be quick opportunities for your wellness business to get high volumes of targeted traffic quickly. To manage and continually optimize a paid traffic campaign is time consuming and challenging. Your competitors are jumping in, adjusting and making improvements. You need to be doing the same.
At Sting, it starts with an initial SEM (Search Engine Marketing) plan of keyword research, designing and testing ad copy, testing bid strategies and landing page design and creation. Our proprietary approach for PPC for medspas and other wellness business segments, has proven to quickly hit ROI goals through our research, monitoring and optimization at each stage of your paid campaigns.


Optimizing Conversions

Our work just begins once we partner with you in increasing your wellness businesses traffic. The Sting team’s conversion optimization plan, helps convert this traffic to qualified leads. Our Company values are clearly indicative of our passion whether it be in landing page optimization or newsletter creation.
By offering our services to pursue conversion optimization, it allows for three distinctive traits to become readily apparent:


Create certainty that the traffic you are receiving has conversion potential. If our traffic does not align with the business goals you have for your business, it holds us accountable.


Establishing multiple touch points, increase leads. It takes more than a coupon to convert a visitor to a great client, so we assist our wellness practice clients to create consistency in their communication.


We work 24/7. Not only can you contact us at all hours, but we help convert your traffic at all hours. Our proprietary live chat platform helps engage with your web visitors and turn conversations to a lead.


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