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Finding consistency within your law firm is difficult for many. It can seem that markets, time of year, new competitors and even weather can attribute to abrupt changes in your new client flow. Feast or famine as many refer to it. Being able to examine these outside forces, and adjust quickly has been the key to many lawyer’s successes within their law practices.

At Sting, we leverage data to help law firms create and implement a consistent legal marketing plan that meets or exceeds their return on investment (ROI) goals.

We assist in implementing marketing strategies that fills in the gaps when you need it, or allows shifting to other practice areas or marketing channels quickly.


Long-Term Asset Building

So, what specifically do we do for our law firm clients? Over the long-term we can build your authority and reputation in the market through search engine optimization (SEO), architecting a professional law firm website, review management, social media marketing or regular content creation like blog posts. This helps our lawyers gain access to more regular traffic flows and higher conversions from this long-term asset building.


Organic Traffic Generation

Through the proper creation, marketing and optimization of your content and website, your law firm can access organic traffic. Just like organic food, this traffic is typically the best for you – in this case, it converts at higher rates with prospective clients. Also, just like planting your own tree or plant, this will give you fruit for years to come, if you water and feed it. Accessing this type of traffic, such as from local SEO optimization to position your law firm within the Google Maps, or by growing your organic reach on social channels that would align with your target audience, can dramatically expand your organic reach and bring high quality leads or potential clients.


Paid Traffic Optimization

While paid traffic solutions, like PPC or paid Facebook marketing, are great at getting high volume traffic with landing pages, many law firms have had poor experiences. Long gone are the days when creating a simple ad converts to consistent ROI. The good thing with today’s digital paid solutions however, is that it is all very measurable and there are many opportunities for optimization. At Sting, we have a proprietary method we approach PPC for law firms that have been proven to outperform other marketing agencies solutions. We realize, monitor and optimize each stage of your paid campaigns setting our goals around your ROI goals.


Optimizing Conversions

We don’t just stop our partnership at increasing law firm’s traffic, but dive in deeper to help convert this traffic to a qualified lead for your firm. Why is this a large differentiator in what Sting does compared to others and how does it benefit your law firm? It does three things.


it allows us to make sure the traffic you are getting aligns with the business goals you have for your firm. That holds us accountable.


sometimes it takes more than one-touch to convert a visitor to a client and there are many outside influencing forces. We help our law firm clients create consistency and regularity in their messaging.


we extend your communication channels leveraging 24/7 Live Chat monitoring to engage with and turn each conversation to a lead.


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Type of Law Firms
and Legal Companies
We Help

Type of Law Firms and Legal Companies
We Help

  • Sole-Practitioners
  • Multi-state Law Firms
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Family Law practices
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Debt Law Firms
  • Estate Planning Law Firms
  • Criminal Law Practices
  • Business Law Attorneys
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Real Estate and Zoning Law Firms
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Tax Lawyers
  • Process Servers

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