Be 100% Positive that Every Marketing Campaign is Effective

We Connect, Measure & Help You Improve each aspect of your Marketing Funnel.
Unbiased, straight up data and action plans.

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Get Continual Improvement Marketing

What if you could capture just 5% more of your potential customers in EACH stage of the funnel?

What would you do if you knew one ad was profitable and one ad was losing you money?

With Sting, you can. With our visual funnel mapping and design aligned with buyer's journey mapping , we can measure and enhance each stage of your funnel. Here's what you can get access to:

  • Customer journey: mapping how your prospects make decisions
  • Funnel Design: design a new, or map an existing, marketing funnel
  • Connect the Technology: ensure tracking between all elements
  • Analysis: Funnel gap analysis, weekly review and technology audits
  • Optimize: Optimization review, monthly audit and action plan

Finally, Full Transparency into Your Marketing

Full insight into your customer acquisition cost is by each stage of the funnel. 

Connected technology that allows us to see consumer behavior by individual element.

Get a new funnel built, measured and continually optimized

Stop paying too much for customers because your marketing in the wrong place or have the wrong funnel

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Have 100% Confidence that Your Marketing Dollars are Working for You

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