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Tune and Fill Your Marketing Funnel with Qualified Leads

Access a conversational marketing team that helps craft your marketing funnel, conversations and integrates new technology to fill your sales pipeline.

conversational marketing funnel

What if you could capture just 5% more of your potential customers in EACH stage of the funnel?

Capture, Qualify and Connect with More of Your Best Leads

With Sting, you can. With our visual funnel mapping and design, buyer's journey mapping and integrating conversational marketing like custom chatbots, you can watch your funnel be filled. Here's what you can get access to:

  • Content written for you targeting your customer personas
  • Buyers journey mapping how your prospects purchase
  • Analyzation of your current content and marketing funnels
  • Design and integration of your custom chatbot
  • Conversion optimization across all digital touch points
  • Monthly data analysis and agile marketing plans

Why Conversational Marketing and Chatbots?

Your potential customers expect a real-time response 

The adoption and usage rates of messaging apps has skyrocketed across ALL age groups.

Have predictable one-on-one messaging, that bypasses clogged email inboxes and unanswered phones.

Dramatically reduce the length of your sales cycle.

The Sting team has taken us from our processes of calls and conferences, into a new pipeline of quality leads targeting EHS and HR Managers. It is replicable and a process I look forward to expanding to remove the centralized  sales dependency.

Gil Smith

The conversions from chatbots are unreal. We looked into Live Chat but with chatbots, we can direct the conversations and qualify leads , not just take a message. Our customers love it and in fact, we have closed deals in hours instead of weeks.

Jeff Kelly

Stop talking AT and
talk WITH more
of your potential customers